Works in Progress

We are always looking for different ways to help!  From customized scholarships and equipment grants to advocacy, family resources and more, MIP strives to be a resource to individuals and families to fit a variety of needs.

MIP realizes how hard it is for some families to afford the many different resources that could have a profound and positive effect on their lives.  For some families, that means that MIP funds equipment or offers the opportunity to try an alternative therapy.  For others it may translate to a summer recreation program or the chance to attend an educational seminar.  Even MIP’s ‘equipment sharing’ program provides a great way of giving and receiving.  MIP has been able to arrange the exchange of much-needed equipment to directly benefit individuals with disabilities, and to provide an outlet for many to donate their unused therapy or medical items.  As resources allow, MIP is fortunate to be able to offer scholarships and opportunities for circumstances like these.

Along with our other endeavors, MIP also supports Sibshops, which provides an opportunity for siblings of those with special needs to experience peer support and learning within a recreational context.  Sibshops focus on the siblings since they are the family members most likely to have the longest-lasting relationship with the person with special needs.  It is a celebration of special siblings touched by brain injuries and other special needs.

Additionally, we are proud to be a partner in a state of the art boundless playground which is fully accessible to all.  This amazing playground located in Burr Ridge is one of very few in Illinois and allows entire families of all capabilities to experience playtime without limits.  MIP is currently investigating an exciting prospect to partner in a second playground in Illinois, so stay tuned!

For more information on MIP’s other scholarships and endeavors, please contact us via email or call (708) 531-1616