What we do

The goal of MIP is to assist those who have a brain injury to acquire the resources necessary for treatment, both conventional and alternative, so that they can achieve their highest potential.  These treatments include, but are not limited to, therapeutic, medical, educational, recreational, alternative medical resources and support services.

Since 2002, it has been MIP’s mission to offer a balance of treatment alternatives and support tools to enhance or optimize the lifestyle of the brain injured and their families.  We believe there are key areas that maximize the lifetime potential of individuals with brain injuries.


Among other scholarships, MIP has granted hundreds of hippotherapy scholarships.  Hippotherapy, a therapeutic horseback riding program, has proven to be an effective tool in building physical strength, neuromuscular function, communication skills, confidence and more.


MIP funded the production of (3) Universal Exercise Units that are used in conjunction with the TheraSuit® program here in Illinois. The TheraSuit® program is an intense program that employs a specially designed bodysuit and a Universal Exercise Unit that operates on a “weight and pulley” system to conduct strength and movement exercises.  MIP has also funded scholarships for individuals to participate in the TheraSuit program.


Over the years, many have turned to Miracles In Progress as a resource for information as their child has been newly diagnosed.  We have funded subscriptions to multiple disability magazines for hundreds of families in Illinois touched by a brain injury. These resources offer invaluable information and provide a networking system that helps to locate others who have similar conditions.  We also offer advocate services to those who need support and fund additional educational endeavors.


MIP Pool Pals is a big hit with everyone! With the help of our volunteers, individuals with brain injuries and other special needs reap the benefits of aqua therapy while splashing around and having fun with their families and friends.  Also, we are proud to be a partner in a state of the art boundless playground, which is one of very few in Illinois that is fully accessible to all.  Additionally, we offer scholarships for many different recreational and park district programs.

Alternative Medical

MIP never stops looking for new ways to help! We have granted scholarships from suit therapy to hyperbaric oxygen therapy and more.   We are also proud to sponsor an ongoing program for special needs yoga.  MIP Yoga Pals incorporates a multitude of exercise and relaxation techniques geared towards each individual’s capabilities.


MIP has partnered with Sibshops® of Illinois which provides an opportunity for siblings of those with special needs to experience peer support and education within a recreational context.  Sibshops focus on the siblings since they are the family members most likely to have the longest-lasting relationship with the person with special needs.  It is a celebration of special siblings touched by brain injuries and other special needs.